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News of La Cave Du Dynastie

Expansion Magazine

Le 04/04/2012

Another article published in the press! This time, it is the business magazine EXPANSION which gives us an article in the folder: "Business Survey" entitled : VENDANGES CHINOISES DANS LE BORDELAIS. The magazine's photographer asked us to "straight the pose" in front of of the office located 11 Allées de Tourny, Bordeaux city center. The magazine is on sale now and also on internet.

Click to read the PDF article

帝纳斯酒窖新闻再现法国媒体! 这次, 杂志L’Expansion在经济商业发展类杂志的商业研究专栏对我司进行了报道,标题为“在波尔多的中国葡萄业者”。

杂志摄影师以我们位于11Allees tourny 波尔多市中心的新办地址取景拍摄

Decanter Magazine

Le 15/03/2012

After an article last February on, the printed version offers us a new publication! This news underlines that Chinese tourists are welcome in our offices in Bordeaux and we are here to support them in their wine supply. We will be delighted to receive them and make them visit Châteaux and vineyards of the Bordeaux region.

Click to read the PDF article. 

继今年二月份专业酒类媒体Decanter有关本公司的线上报道,四月份的Decanter杂志版上将再现这篇报道。这篇文章转载了我公司秉承的愿望, 欢迎来法的中国游客的莅临波尔多市中心新办公住址。我们在这里不光提供葡萄酒产品的供应, 还有葡萄酒知识的指导。同时我们可以陪同来到波尔多的中国客户参观葡萄园和酒堡。


Sud Ouest newspaper

Le 23/02/2012

We are pleased to share again with you an article on La Cave Du Dynastie. The famous newspaper SUD OUEST traces the career Lee-Lee and Linsheng Huang, founder of the company, until the opening of the new office in Bordeaux historical center, 11 Allées De Tourny.

To read the article (In French), please click on the link bellow :

You can access to this article by clicking on the SUD OUEST logo.  

我们很高兴再次与大家分享一篇关于我司的报道。法国西南日报SUD OUEST在波尔多市中心新办公室11 Allees de Tourny对帝纳斯酒窖的创始人Leelee HUANG和黄林生先生进行了采访.