le 20/03/2015

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News of La Cave Du Dynastie

La Vigne Magazine

Le 31/03/2012

Another article published but this time in the professional press! The magazine LA VIGNE which is dedicated to wine sector professionals gives us an article in the folder: "Actuality" entitled : A CHINESE WINE MERCHANT IN BORDEAUX. They talk about Mr and Mme Huang but also about the next wine fairs upcoming.

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我们又有一篇文章发表了,而且此次是在专业杂志上!这本针对葡萄酒业内人士的杂志LA VIGNE,在其“实事”板块发表了名为“波尔多中国酒商”的文章。文章中不仅提到了黄先生和黄女士,还说到了即将到来的接下来五月到六月的上海SIAL, 香港VINEXPO, 北京TOP WINE 的酒展。  

Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur Wines Award

Le 13/04/2012

Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieurs Wines Brotherhood presents an award to M. and Mme Huang, and gave them the title of " Chevalier de l'Ordre des Vignerons de Bordeaux et Bordeaux Supérieurs" (honorific title), for their contributions in selling Bordeaux wines in Asia and especially in China. 

为表彰LA CAVE DU DYNASTIE创始人黄林生先生(M. HUANG LINSHENG) 和黄莉莉(Mme. HUANG LEE LEE)女士将法国波尔多以及优级波尔多葡萄酒推广并出口到亚洲特别是中国的杰出贡献,  2012年4月12日经长期合作的酒庄主推荐, 被波尔多及优级波尔多产区葡萄酒酿酒者协会授予"荣誉骑士"称号, 特此颁发荣誉证书和奖牌. 现场LA CAVE DU DYNASTIE 团队与荣誉协会成员合影.  

Primeurs 2012

Le 06/04/2012

Wine Tasting organized by Union des Grands Crus Association with the Cave du Dynastie's team along with our oenologist M Henot.  

在酿酒顾问HENOT先生的陪同下, 我公司团队在法国波尔多名庄联盟组织的期酒沙龙中酩品到各酒堡的佳酿.