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News of La Cave Du Dynastie

Back in France after Trade Fair Tour in China

Le 11/06/2012

After our participation at SIAL Shanghai, Vinexpo Hong Kong and Topwine Beijing, we're back in Bordeaux, France, to follow up our clients. See you soon for new fair trade in Asia! LA CAVE DU DYNASTIE TEAM. 

Picture: La Cave du Dynastie's booth, Vinexpo 2012

在结束了上海SIAL, 香港VINEXPO, 北京TOP WINE的一系列展会后, 为了尽快回归到工作当中, 我们的团队返回到了法国波尔多. LA CAVE DU DYNASTIE团队与您相约接下来的亚洲酒展.

图片资料: 香港Vinexpo 2012年, La Cave Du Dynastie展台 

A chinese program at the heart of Bordeaux vineyards

Le 14/05/2012

La Cave du Dynastie has been contacted by the chinese channel which program the reality show: "Feicheng wurao, you are the one"  to help them to organize the casting in Bordeaux. 

100 million. This is the number of Chinese who watch twice a week this program in China. The results could be very positive for wine tourism in the region, since the next season is taking place in France: Paris, Marseilles and Bordeaux. 

Please click on the following link to read the article:,6542.html

La Cave du Dynastie 赞助并组织了中国江苏卫视"非诚勿扰"法国专场的波尔多海选活动. 

这是一个在中国拥有1亿观众的大型生活类服务节目, 每周六周日连续播出. 这次非诚勿扰法国专场的各地海选活动: 巴黎, 马赛, 波尔多,  必将为这些地区带来更多的旅游观光人, 从而让我们可以更好的推广法国的地方特色.

详细信息, 可以点击链接, 查看法国当地的报纸报道:,6542.html  

2012 Asia wine exhibitions

Le 17/02/2012

We are ready for another 2012 Wine Exhibition Tour in China. Our staff will be delighted to welcome you and to help you to taste our wine selection:

- March 11th – 17th, 2012: TOUR OF CHINA (Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao)
- March 23rd – 26th ,2012 : CHINA SUGAR AND ALCOHOLIC COMMODITIES FAIR of Chengdu

- May 9th – 11th ,2012 : SIAL Shanghai: Booth Nº N1E007

- May 29th – 31rst ,2012 : VINEXPO Hong Kong: Hall 1 Booth NºE27

- June 4th – 6th ,2012 : TOP WINE Beijing: Booth Nº1300-15

For more information, please contact us:

我们即将在2012 年展开新的一轮中国酒展活动,
以下四个酒展, 我们非常荣幸的邀请您, 希望您可以莅临品尝我们的葡萄酒。
‐ 2012 年3 月11 号到17 号: TOUR DE LA CHINE (广州, 厦门, 青岛)
‐ 2012 年5 月9 号到11 号: SIAL SHANGHAI (上海)                   展台号码: No. N1E007 
‐ 2012 年5 月29 号到31 号: VINEXPO HONG KONG (香港)     展台号码: No.E27
‐ 2012 年6 月4 号到6 号: TOP WINE PEKIN (北京)                     展台号码: No.1300-15                  
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